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Parent Coaching

Being a parent is the most important role that you have in life. The challenges of parenting today are complicated with our over-scheduled lives and bombardment from all the social media that tell us what is important for our children. Our parenting style is also influenced by the parenting we received, that becomes the template parents often default to. Parent coaching provides parents with a safe and confidential place to explore your values and create a new way of relating with your children that uses your natural strengths as your springboard. Together we will discover what truly matters to you, and make a family plan that ensures your priorities are integrated into your family routines. Move into a deeper connected relationship with your child and enjoy the miracle of parenthood. Our work together can easily be done remotely through video conferencing, Skype, or FaceTime, or in person. I am also available to coaching with a group of parents who may be interested in joining with others.  It would be my honor to work alongside you.


For my free top parent tips called “The Parent Shift”, email me.

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