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Individual Coaching

Perhaps you are at an important crossroad in this journey called life, or perhaps you just have a longing to feel happier and more enjoyment from the life you are leading. We have all been at these points in life.  Without a change in direction, you may find yourself repeating the same patterns of behavior with love ones, co-workers and choices that do not produce the changes you want for yourself. There can be many reasons for becoming stuck in a place you do not want to be with yourself. Often individuals are simply operating from beliefs that once served a useful purpose, but now become barriers to breaking through to the next level of personal growth. Friends and family are available to love and support you but may not have either the time or skills to help you help yourself in creating the life you know you want for yourself.  Working with the right coach can provide you with the insight and skills needed to move you in the direction you want.  I have been privileged to be a coach

for five years. I am a certified Relational Life Coach (created by Terry Real).  I also use mindfulness techniques along with an eclectic array of strategies to meet you wherever you are and partner with you in creating your desired changes. I choose to work with individuals that indicate a clear commitment to doing their personal work. If you are willing to honestly commit to self-examination and risk change, we can work together to achieve fantastic results for you.  Email me for My Top Five Steps For Empowering Yourself For Love, Joy And Fun In Your Life.

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