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Disability Consultation

Parents are often overwhelmed when faced with making a decision for their child, as they must consider the needs of the child and the needs of the whole family. As a parent of an adult child with autism, I understand the difficulty of maintaining the resiliency of a family, while addressing the needs of a child with a disability. Our life long vision has been to help other families enhance their family resiliency. Parenting a child with a disability is a lifelong journey that has the best outcomes for the child when the parent is an active, engaged participant. The need to support the core strengths of the parent in order to best assure that the parent is prepared to implement best practices for the child with a disability has been the subject of much of Trivette and Dunst’s (1990) work, who refer to the inherent value of supporting the core strength of a family when they write that: “every successful

intervention [with] a family . . . rests as much on the resources of the family as on those of the [interventionist]."   Get the right support needed for you, so you can make good decisions that support the growth and development of your child. 

I offer specialized parent coaching for families with individuals with special needs to help you strengthen and enhance your ability to meet the challenges of raising a child with special needs. As a result of my graduate studies in Family Resiliency, I am offering you my Family Decision Making Guide to assist you in making important decisions on behalf of your child. For my free guide, please email me your request here.

In addition, Bruce Garrison offers Educational Advocacy Services.

Bruce Garrison worked as a professional advocate for the State of CT Office of Protection and Advocacy for 28 years. He holds a graduate degree in Education, with a focus on Special Education from the University of CT. Bruce is knowledgeable  in the rights of individuals with disabilities and experienced working with families and their children receiving special education and related services. Families need knowledge and experience in their children's disability and rights  to obtain access to the same opportunities provided all children in public education. Bruce has successfully advocated for services for children. He has attended over 1500 PPT (school Planning and Placement Team) meetings through the course of his career.


Bruce is available to work as an advocate for your family.

Contact him through email or by leaving a confidential voice mail at 860-428-9888.

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