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Relationship Discernment

Not Settling For Less

There is much written these days about what it means to have a satisfying relationship. In reality, the perception of both individuals in the relationship is where we must begin. If I see the relationship as a failure or just less than satisfying and my partner sees our relationship as fantastic, we have a relationship that is not functioning well. This differs greatly from individual empowerment. Once two individuals decide to commit to relationship, the framing shifts from “about me” to “about us.” Although this may seem somewhat obvious, the fact is that most couples do not have the awareness or skills to navigate the “us” reality. Without this awareness or skills, couples often continue to use communication skills that are inadequate and damaging to the health of the relationship. Unless you happened to grow up in family whose parents modeled love, communication, respect and negotiations with one another, you were not handed a blueprint for creating a thriving, cherishing relationship.  Relational Life Coaching provides you and your partner with clarity, accountability and a new roadmap to create the relationship you want and deserve. You are not stuck having to settle for less than a thriving, loving and fun (yes, even fun!) true partnership.

The only prerequisite for our work together to be effective is your willingness to admit what isn’t working for you and openness to explore a radically new way of living into the promise of your deepest hopes and dreams for the two of you. Are you ready?

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